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Gyaltsen F. Go is a professional writer, editor and marketer. 

Her essays have been published in SalonThe Seattle TimesBrooklyn Daily Eagle and Atticus Review.

She is currently the Marketing Director for a global software company.

She previously worked in the field of social work as an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor at a methadone maintenance facility in New York City.

She received a bachelor's degree in psychology, with a concentration in English and sociology from the University of Washington. She continued her post baccalaureate studies at The New School. 

She grew up in Seattle before becoming a Brooklyn native.

Gyaltsen is based in Melbourne, Australia. 



Select Publications


The Seattle Times

When pregnancy happens—and the choices that follow

By Gyaltsen F. Go

I was standing naked, studying the profile of my slightly protruding gut in the mirror then looking down to examine my rounded abdomen, as if seeing with my own eyes would contradict what my reflection was revealing to me.



The thrill of holding hands: How an online date pointed me back toward intimacy

By Gyaltsen F. Go

There I was, sitting across from number 16, half hope, half dread. “Do you ever think about your life as a movie, with you as the main character and all your friends and everyone else as the supporting characters?” he asked.



Brooklyn daily eagle

Gentrification, a holdup of Crown Heights

By Gyaltsen F. Go

The first time I had an indirect encounter with a holdup was in 2010. I saw his tall figure standing at the end of the hallway. He had a buzz cut, wore army-green cargo pants and a white graphic T-shirt that was soiled a murky yellow in the armpits and neckline.

Brooklyn daily eagle

Engendering passion in our political climate

By Gyaltsen F. Go

I thought about the night she died and I wondered if there was anyone else thinking of her, too. She had big peppered gray hair and a crooked nose. Her clothes always fit too big, probably because they were never really hers.




WD Award.png

Writer’s Digest, November/December 2015 issue, Volume 95, No. 8

“Echoes from my mother”; “Gentrification, a holdup of Crown Heights”; “Engendering compassion in our political climate”

By Gyaltsen F. Go






Gyaltsen F. Go is the Marketing Director for a global software company. She creates global marketing strategies, develops GTM plans and oversees the execution of successful product launches. She applies design-thinking as an integral part of the process. Prior to this role, she served as the Global Head of Communications & Content at the company's New York City headquarters. 

Gyaltsen's marketing prowess, creativity, and passion infuse life into the professional roles she dedicates herself to, with concrete results seen by her employers and clients. Her positions have played crucial roles in contributing to rapid business growth and a continued upward revenue trajectory. Currently, she is one of the most respected marketers in the company, having built strong global relationships internally, and driven highly successful campaigns. 

Gyaltsen is proficient in Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, QuickBooks, MacPractice, SPSS, SharePoint and the Office 365 product suite. She possesses a decade of managerial experience with excellent leadership abilities. She is a proficient proofreader, editor and project manager. 


by Gyaltsen F. Go


Marketing director

LiveTiles, Melbourne, Australia | September 2018 – Present

Marketing Lead, Asia Pacific

LiveTiles, Melbourne, Australia  |  November 2017 – September 2018

Global head of Communications & content

LiveTiles, New York, NY  |  March 2016 – October 2017

  • Strategize, develop, and execute concepts and plans for creating website content, brand and product pages

  • Create and curate digital content, including writing, photography, and video

  • Collaborate with Global Marketing Lead to design and develop content to further marketing goals

  • Develop and maintain communications with Customers, Partners and Microsoft

  • Deploy content and communication to a strategic mix of channels

  • Provide regular reports on campaign successes

  • Collaborate with key staff to identify and produce product stories for website and other digital channels

  • Manage the product calendar for digital content distribution

Editor, Content Marketing Strategy

LiveTiles, New York, NY  |  February 2016 – March 2016

  • Managed publication process and social media feeds

  • Edited articles for content marketing strategy

  • Maintained editorial voice and style

  • Created topics of interest to cover

Practice Manager

Norman J. Pastorek, M.D., P.C., F.A.C.S., New York, NY  |  September 2013 – December 2015

  • Created and managed monthly budget of approximately 250K based off of projected income/expenses, and performed monthly bank reconciliations

  • Initiated collaboration with a third party web development company to redesign and maintain the company website, and continually updated the content and blog to drive interest and stimulate new patient leads

  • Effectively proofread and copyedited the company website content and blog posts for tone and style by transforming medical terminology into engaging topics to reach a broad audience

  • Analyzed potential profit from online inquiries and streamlined online intake process for out-of-state clients which increased average monthly revenue by 10%

  • Implemented use of QuickBooks and MacPractice (EMR software) for management of daily operations which increased efficiency 50%, alleviated staff stress, and allowed time to cross-train staff

  • Coordinated surgical cases at Lenox Hill Hospital, composed medical necessity and appeal letters to ensure clients receive maximum possible coverage from insurance

  • Administered payroll, transportation reimbursement, HSA distributions, and reviewed health insurance plans to ensure currency with most optimal contracts

  • Maintained and ensured compliance with federal, state, and city medical business regulation

Medical Administrative Assistant

Norman J. Pastorek, M.D., P.C., F.A.C.S., New York, NY  |  June 2011 – September 2013

  • Organized client medical files for daily procedures, inspected clinical notes to ensure accuracy, filed client charts

  • Assisted with non-surgical procedures and established post-procedural quality service by reviewing aftercare instructions with clients, scheduling their next appointment, and giving follow-up phone calls

Senior Substance Abuse Counselor

Lafayette Medical Approach, Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program, New York, NY  |  September 2009 – April 2011

  • Managed individual counseling sessions with clients, addressed toxicology reports and advised for a caseload of over 56 clients while monitoring their progress made toward individualized treatment plan goals

  • Trained junior counselors in clinical protocol and client caseload management for a high-stress environment

  • Supervised client intake process, conducted psychosocial interviews and determined participant eligibility

Senior Administrative Research Assistant

Marsha Linehan, Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics, Seattle, WA  |  February 2007 – July 2009

  • Regulated, tracked and dispensed suboxone and methadone prescriptions to opiate addicted clients

  • Supervised, trained, and assigned duties to team of Administrative Assistants and Urinalysis Technicians

  • Oversaw the organization and accuracy of research data for experiment assessing the efficacy of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for opiate addicted clients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Research Assistant

Alan Marlatt, Roisin M. O’Connor, Addictive Behaviors Research Center, Seattle, WA  |  February 2007 – August 2008

  • Conducted screenings for potential participants and managed the collection of research data for experiment constructed to identify the etiology of young adult heavy alcohol use to distinguish who is at risk for addiction


University of Washington, Seattle, Washington  |  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Concentration in Sociology & English

University of Washington Rome Center, Rome, Italy  |  Department of English Study Abroad Program

The New School, New York, New York  |  Continuing Education